Energize the walls with the decor!

Energize the walls with the decor!

Decorating the walls is not always an easy task! If you need to give them a new lease of life, there are a few decorating tips that are sure to wake up your walls. Follow the guide !

Words on the walls

To change traditional paintings, opt for decorative letters that will make your walls speak! Then display your tastes through the messages that invest your walls: you like the loft style, bet on the word LOFT decorated with New York buildings or display your love for London with the word LONDON covered in the colors of the Union Jack. The walls will allow you to extend the style of your decor!

Very decorative wallpaper

What if the walls were raised with original wallpaper and trompe l'oeil? You will be able to line your walls with imitations of wooden planks, false subway tiles or briquettes for a loft spirit. Your walls will then take on a very different style in the blink of an eye. The good news is that you can have fun all over the house with this original wallpaper.

Original plinths

If you want to breathe new life into your walls, you should turn to the plinths. If we used to hide the plinths of the decor of the rooms, they are displayed today with original patterns. Tags, green grass or drops of water, the plinth patterns will highlight the wall to highlight it.