Native to America, the penstemon is a pleasant shrub with ornamental qualities. It is from the digital family. Also called galane, this perennial deserves to be known and cultivated in our gardens in which it provides an appreciable country note.

Penstemons varieties

The penstemon family brings together more than 250 varieties and constantly sees the birth of new hybrids with ever more shimmering colors. Among the best known and most interesting varieties, we will notably note the penstemon barbatus, which can reach 1 meter in height and endowed with large red flowers, the penstemon "Blue Springs" which owes its name to its bright blue flowers, or the penstemon hirsutus.

Planting and flowering of the penstemon

The penstemon likes to be planted in the spring in a rich soil, with a tendency to limestone and well drained in order to avoid standing water. A rather sunny exposure suits him more. Its flowers appear from May and flowering continues until autumn, making you enjoy its colors for long months.

Maintenance of the penstemon

During the summer, it is best to water the plant regularly, however moderately and making sure that the soil is not soggy. It is also a good idea to cut down the flowers, that is to say to cut all the withered flowers, and this at the end of the first flowering in order to promote regrowth.

Penstemon diseases

Penstemon is sensitive to powdery mildew, but it is treated fairly well with a spray of sulfur when the disease appears.

Using the penstemon

The penstemons will be mainly used in summer beds, by which they will bring a rural note to your garden and will make you benefit from their long flowering. However, their evergreen leaves offer a decorative look all year round.