Feature: the cookers

Feature: the cookers

Gas, vitroceramic or induction cooker. How to make the right choice ? To be sure, follow our advice and find the stove that suits your needs and your space.

The different types of cookers

Five types of cookers are available on the market: gas, electric, dual-fuel, wide width and butanettes. Each type of stove has its own advantages. The gas stove is equipped with a gas oven and three to four burners. Dimensions can vary from 50 to 100 centimeters. The top of the stove is shaped in enamel or tempered glass. There are three types of electric cookers: conventional, vitroceramic or vitroceramic with induction. The classic electric stove has three or four fireplaces. It also has an electric oven. This type of stove has practically disappeared. The ceramic cooker has a number of comparable stoves as well as a halogen stove and an electric oven. The glass ceramic induction cooker can have up to six induction cookers. Combination of the two previous types of cookers, the combi cooker consists of an enamel or tempered glass top, like the gas cooker. It has three to four gas burners, an electric cast iron fireplace and an electric oven. Wider, the butanettes mainly run on gas and are equipped with a gas oven.

Choose the size of your stove

Choosing a stove can be a real headache. Ask yourself first about your needs in terms of number of households. Larger ranges have more stoves. These large models are suitable for large families or amateur chefs who need several cooking spaces. Large format models can reach 90 or even 110 centimeters. These large models can have two ovens. If you have little space in your kitchen or if you live alone or as a couple, a smaller model will do the trick. Space-saving models measure 50 centimeters. The standard models are 60 cm wide.

Choose the type of stove

What type of fireplace to choose: gas, electric or induction? The gas fireplace allows you to easily manage food cooking. It is easy to adjust the power to boil, sear or even simmer a dish. The radiant and halogen fireplaces, characteristic of ceramic cookers, are suitable for all cooking. Halogen fireplaces are particularly suitable for live cooking, requiring a rapid rise in temperature. Very popular, induction fireplaces offer high temperature control accuracy. It can go up very quickly. This type of stove is suitable for all kinds of cooking. Note that the induction fireplace is the least energy-consuming. And the ovens? The butanette gas oven allows slow cooking preserving all the flavor of the food. This type of oven is ideal for concocting tasty pastries or delicious roasts. In addition, it is economical and ecological. With the electric oven, the cooking possibilities are much more numerous and its maintenance is easier.