Install a boat blind

Install a boat blind

Choice of material

After choosing the model that suits you, you need to collect the following tools: pitons, metal brackets, seeds, hammer, screws, cleat.

Boat blind: positioning of pegs and brackets

First, prepare the blind, consisting of a support board on which the canvas is secured. The pins allowing the clipping above the window are placed on the lower surface of the support where the blind will hang. It will be necessary to think of placing them so as not to impede the sliding of the cords in the rings. Then add the brackets, screwed onto the edges of the board.

Installation of the awning

The blind is fixed on the top of the support. This done, the cords must be connected to the lower loops and then to the pins of the tablet. Check that they are of equal length on both sides so as not to unbalance the whole, then tie the selvedges.

Attachment of the assembly

After installing the brackets, the blind must be installed above the window to be fitted, about ten centimeters from the frame. Do not forget to screw on the wall the latch on which the cords activating the canvas will hang. If the blind is intended to equip a single leaf, you only have to screw the fasteners symmetrically then clip the installation to finally camouflage the screw heads.


Check that once folded, the fabric does not obstruct the opening of the leaves. Handle the blind to be sure that it unfolds and folds without obstacle, that the cord is not obstructed. Please note: an electric awning is more difficult to install due to its mechanism.