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Choosing a gas boiler

Choosing a gas boiler

Natural gas / city gas boiler

Natural / city gas is a system using a gas network. To use the boiler, simply open the tap provided for this purpose. Easy to install and use, this natural gas boiler is an economical solution to the purchase and consumption compared to fuel oil or electricity, even if the prices tend to increase. Compared to fuel oil, the gas is also less polluting while guaranteeing a very good yield, but it suffers from its dangerous reputation: intoxication or explosion. Condensing or low temperature boilers are particularly ecological and economical to use. Those with pulsating gas with micro-combustion system even consume 25 to 40% less gas. Finally, cogeneration boilers, recently available, provide heat and electricity.

Propane / LPG boiler

Propane / LPG is a liquefied gas stored in a buried tank or in the open air. This type of system involves regular replenishment of the tank by a truck. The surge in oil prices is having an impact on its very high price. The propane gas boiler is also more expensive to buy. More polluting than city gas and more restrictive to install and use, LPG is used less and less, but remains an option for homes not connected to the gas network.