Insulate the floor under the tiling

Insulate the floor under the tiling

The insulation of a tiled room is important, both from a thermal and acoustic point of view. If it is always preferable to install insulation during the construction of the building, or from the outside during a renovation, there is a solution to insulate the floor before laying the tiles.

Soil preparation

To lay tiles, the floor must be perfectly flat and smooth. It is therefore necessary to first remove the existing floor covering, and sometimes even remove a bit of slab thickness. Indeed, the insulating panels of glass, rock wool or extruded polystyrene, are generally several centimeters thick, which must be taken into account so as not to encounter difficulty when closing the door of the room once the laid tiles. This is an important step, and the total thickness of the floor covering must be calculated before installing the insulation.

Installation of insulation

A decoupling strip must be installed all around the room, before laying the insulation panels staggered and edge to edge, covering the entire surface of the room. A polyane film will then have to be deposited on the ground to protect the panels and, to be more effective, it will have to go up on the decoupling strip.

Laying the floor covering

It is then necessary to place a welded mesh on the insulation panels, on which one will pour a cement screed preferably lightened, in order not to increase the weight of the ground. Once this cement screed is smoothed, the floor is ready to receive the tiling.