Choosing a storage cupboard: all our tips

Choosing a storage cupboard: all our tips

The dimensions and location of the storage cupboard

It is important to determine the type of object to store to assess the ideal size of the closet. To store clothes or bulky objects, such as sporting goods or a vacuum cleaner, it will be necessary to provide sufficient space in height, but also in width. Depending on the space available, you can fit this closet in a corner or an alcove to save more space. Otherwise you will have to place the storage cupboard against a wall and take into account the size of the room, but also the clearance to be provided for traffic.

The interior layout of the storage cupboard

In order to benefit from practical and practical storage on a daily basis, optimize the accessories and internal arrangements of the cupboard. To hang clothes, it is essential to install a clothes rail. Note that there are retractable models that allow you to use the entire height under the ceiling. Deep shelves will be a plus for storing a large quantity of objects, think of the sliding systems which offer a good visibility of the contents. Small accessories such as hooks or hooks can be attached to the back of the doors or at the bottom of the cupboard to take advantage of each available side.

Choosing the perfect closet doors

If you have a lot of space, the hinged doors will be perfect for viewing the entire interior of the closet at a glance. This type of door takes up space at the opening and can hinder passage through narrow spaces. Sliding doors, meanwhile, will be ideal for freeing up traffic space while bringing a modern and refined touch to your decor. Equipped with mirrors, they will enlarge the room by their contribution of light and their trompe l'oeil effect. However, they will hide one side of the contents of the cupboard at the opening. Good compromise, the folding accordion doors offer a very advantageous space saving opening.