Laying tiles diagonally

Laying tiles diagonally

Are the rooms in your home cramped and you want to give them depth without having to push the walls? The solution can come from the method of laying your tiles. Indeed, it would seem that tiles arranged diagonally create an optical illusion that enlarges the space. This arrangement is most often found in classic interiors. However, it requires more cuts than for straight installation. Two techniques are available to you: installation from the center and installation from a corner of the room.

Laying tiles diagonally: laying from the center

First, to find the center of the room, draw two perpendicular lines, each starting from the middle of the sides of the room. Then, we draw the diagonals, which cross in the center. The tiles are then laid starting from the angle formed by the diagonals and following the path of these. We alternate a tile on the left, another on the right, and so on. H2 Laying tiles diagonally: laying from an angle In addition to the perpendicular lines and the diagonals of the laying from the center, you draw a line parallel to one of the diagonals and closer to the angles. You can stick the tiles in the triangle thus formed.


It is of course necessary to prepare the soil, as for a straight installation, taking into account the type of pre-existing soil: you must absolutely eliminate irregularities, as well as any trace of moisture. Remember to leave room for seals. Start at a side away from the door so you can exit without stepping on the tiles. A tip: at first and for more security, you can arrange your tiles without gluing them. So any problems will immediately jump out at you. In the case of tiles of different colors, you can number them and put the numbers on the laying plan, this will avoid any error.