Grills even without a garden

Grills even without a garden

Just because you don't have a garden doesn't mean you can't enjoy a barbecue, which is so great during the summer! And yes, now grills are also accessible indoors thanks to practical solutions. Here's how to treat yourself!

Electric barbecues

The barbecue is installed at the table to allow you to taste grilled meat or fish in a very convivial way. It is a small device that you can use on your kitchen worktop or even directly at the table for user-friendly preparation. So everyone can adjust the cooking to their taste and you will not leave your guests during the preparation. And you can even enjoy the barbecue when it rains, so all year round!

The planchas

The plancha is originally from Spain where it was used during the holidays for its great cooking capacity. It is a steel plate on which we place the meat for grilling. Again, if the plancha was originally intended for outdoor cooking, there are small models that sit at the table. You will be able to grill your meats, fish and vegetables in a very healthy way because you do not need fat. Very friendly, the plancha will be useful in summer and winter! Discover our selection for indoor grilling.